Growing Up, Following Jesus by Adrian Plass

Growing Up, Following Jesus

Adrian Plass
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Adrian Plass' unique perspective on life, faith and what it means to be a Christian can be enjoyed once more in this compilation of two autobiographical books—The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass and Why I Follow Jesus. With hilarious witticisms, stories, anecdotes and more, you'll be immersed in the heart and humor of a beloved speaker and writ

Publisher Description

Adrian Plass's unique perspective on life and faith can be enjoyed once more in this energizing compilation of two autobiographical books- The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass and Why I Follow Jesus Told with disarming honesty and his usual irresistible humour, The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass is about the sometimes difficult progress of faith. From being 'asked to leave' his grammar school as a youth, to the ups and downs throughout his life and relationship with God, Plass departs from the usual formula of the 'Christian paperback' and tells it like it is...warts and all. In Why I Follow Jesus, Plass explains why a man who had a short-lived life 2000 years ago still has meaning for us today. As he says, “I follow Jesus because he's less narrow and boring about salvation than an awful lot of his followers.” With many more laugh-out-loud witticisms, stories and anecdotes, this collection is for anyone who wonders how it is possible to follow Jesus and remain a real human being in a real world.

Author Biography

Adrian Plass is one of today's most significant and successful Christian authors, and he has written over thirty books, including his latest, Looking Good Being Bad - the Subtle Art of Churchmanship. Known for his ability to evoke both tears and laughter for a purpose, Plass has been reaching the hearts of thousands for over fifteen years. He lives in Sussex, England with his wife, Bridget, and continues to be a cricket fanatic

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Growing Up, Following Jesus