Never Mind the Reversing Ducks by Adrian Plass

Never Mind the Reversing Ducks

Adrian Plass
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  • ISBN
    9780007130443 / 0007130449
  • Title Never Mind the Reversing Ducks
  • Author Adrian Plass
  • Category Bible Readings, Selections & Meditations
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 240
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Zondervan
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 203mm x 137mm x 198mm


A fresh, honest and humorous look at the Gospel of Mark.

Publisher Description

'It's interesting to note that the original Greek word used here has a very strong sense of waterfowl flying backwards. So, what the writer is saying is that they went down like reversing ducks, and so, of course should we ...' — from Adrian Plass's popular spoof of an Anglican sermon Readers who seek a weighty theological treatise on the life of Christ will not find it in these pages. With a deft touch and down-to-earth humour, Adrian Plass offers a heartfelt response to the life and ministry of Jesus as presented in the Gospel of Mark. 'I have had a passion for Jesus for many years, ' says Plass. 'In Jesus we meet a dynamic, hardworking, passionate member of the human race, a man, but a man who was also God. Stronger than all the powers of nature, he was nevertheless willing to become a servant so that people like you and I can be rescued from the worst of disasters.' Plass brings his own unique perspective to this meditation on Mark, which has been broken into ninety sections that can be read in any order or continuously. An adventurous, challenging, witty and often poignant look at the events in the life of Jesus, Never Mind the Reversing Ducks addresses the deep issues we all face

Author Biography

Adrian Plass is one of today's most significant and successful Christian authors and has written over twenty books, including his latest, The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass on Tour. Known for his ability to evoke both tears and laughter for a purpose, he has been reaching the hearts of thousands for over fifteen years. He lives in Sussex with his wife, Bridget.

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Never Mind the Reversing Ducks