Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700: A Documentary History by Alan Charles Kors

Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700: A Documentary History

Alan Charles Kors
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A thoroughly revised, greatly expanded edition of the most important documentary history of European witchcraft ever published.

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Selected by “Choice” magazine as an Outstanding Academic Book for 2001
The highly-acclaimed first edition of this book chronicled the rise and fall of witchcraft in Europe between the twelfth and the end of the seventeenth centuries. Now greatly expanded, the classic anthology of contemporary texts reexamines the phenomenon of witchcraft, taking into account the remarkable scholarship since the book's publication almost thirty years ago.
Spanning the period from 400 to 1700, the second edition of “Witchcraft in Europe” assembles nearly twice as many primary documents as the first, many newly translated, along with new illustrations that trace the development of witch-beliefs from late Mediterranean antiquity through the Enlightenment. Trial records, inquisitors' reports, eyewitness statements, and witches' confessions, along with striking contemporary illustrations depicting the career of the Devil and his works, testify to the hundreds of years of terror that enslaved an entire continent.
Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Thomas Hobbes, and other thinkers are quoted at length in order to determine the intellectual, perceptual, and legal processes by which “folklore” was transformed into systematic demonology and persecution. Together with explanatory notes, introductory essays-which have been revised to reflect current research-and a new bibliography, the documents gathered in “Witchcraft in Europe” vividly illumine the dark side of the European mind.

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Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700: A Documentary History