Popsicle by Alison Thompson


Alison Thompson
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  • ISBN
    9780143206217 / 0143206214
  • Title Popsicle
  • Author Alison Thompson
  • Category Desserts
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 92
  • Publisher
    Penguin Books Australia
  • Imprint Penguin Books Australia


Popsicles are back — but not as we know them! The simple summer treats of childhood have been reinvented as sophisticated gourmet delights. Popping up everywhere from New York to Tokyo, these cool creations offer exquisite combinations of flavour and texture.

Publisher Description

Popsicle will have you filling your freezer with sophisticated and fun frozen treats. Easy-to-follow instruction for making sorbets and ice creams, and tempting flavour combinations mean summer has never tasted so good.

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