Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography by Andrew Helfer

Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography

Andrew Helfer
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, graphic biographies qualify as tomes. In “Ronald Reagan,” Andrew Helfer teams up with comic artist Steve Buscellato to show the stunning evolution of Reagan from a modest acting talent into what many Americans now view as the gold standard for American governance, a story made for the graphic medium.

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Some Presidents Were Just Meant To Be In Pictures
It confronted evil empires, planned Star Wars missile defense systems, and advocated supply-side economics. Let's face it: Ronald Reagan's presidency is tailor-made for comic-book art. Whether explaining how the onetime Franklin Roosevelt New Dealer became the conservative right's standard-bearer, how a B-list actor became General Motors's pitchman then governor of California, or how a union president became an anti-union President, this graphic biography does what no other biography can: visually narrate the life of a man who relied on stage directions and political theater to become America's “Great Communicator.” The blended genius of Andrew Helfer (onetime group editor at DC Comics), Steve Buccellato (whose artwork has been published by Epic, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse), and Joe Staton (artist for “E-Man,” “Green Lantern,” and most recently “Scooby-Doo”) makes “Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography ”an absolutely original, absolutely factual, and absolutely unforgettable history of America's fortieth president.

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Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography