Women Wartime Spies by Ann Kramer

Women Wartime Spies

Ann Kramer
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From Mata Hari through to Noor Inayat Khan, women spies have rarely received the recognition they deserve. They have often been trivialised and, in cinema and popular fiction, stereotyped as vamps or dupes. The reality is very different. As spies, women have played a critical role during wartime, receiving and passing on vital information, frequently at considerable risk. Often able to blend into their background more easily than their male counterparts, women have worked as couriers, transmitters and with resistance fighters, their achievements often unknown. Many have died. Ann Kramer describes the role of women spies during wartime, with particular reference to the two world wars. She looks at why some women chose to become spies, their motives and backgrounds. She looks at the experience of women spies during wartime, what training they received, and what skills they needed. She examines the reality of life for a woman spy, operating behind enemy lines, and explores and explodes the myths about women spies that continue until the present day. The focus is mainly on Britain but will also take an international view as appropriate.

The perilous world of women spies in both World Wars is the subject of a thrilling, challenging and educational book that will enthral you. Once you have settled down to read, it will be difficult to stop, as the style is modern and thought provoking. Ann Kramer examines the role of spies souch as Edith Cavell, Mata Hari, Violette Szabo and Noor Inayat Khan. These brave women have never received the recognition they deserved and, through detailed research, this book puts forward many facts of unbelievable courage. - Pennant

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Women Wartime Spies