Accidental Trainer Know Computers T by Ann Weiss

Accidental Trainer Know Computers T

Ann Weiss and Elaine Weiss
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From secretaries to sales reps, data entry clerks to MIS analysts, anyone who teaches others to use computers is a computer trainer. For anyone who has made the leap - or been pushed - from resident computer “expert” to computer trainer, The Accidental Trainer will be an indispensable how-to guidebook. It tells how even the “accidental” trainer can teach the skills that students most need to learn; ensure that students will recall and apply their new skills on the job; and evaluate whether the training worked - and decide what to do if it didn't. Those brand-new to training as well as those who want to enhance their basic teaching skills will discover how to prepare and deliver training that gets users up to speed quickly, smoothly, and painlessly.

Publisher Description

"The perfect bridge to assist the accidental trainer in moving from the panic of being asked to teach 'because you know the system so well' to the satisfaction of successful knowledge transfer. A must read."
—Suzy Johnson, Course Manager, AT&T

“The Accidental Trainer” is a practical guide for the multitude of “computer experts” who have fallen into the role of computer trainer accidentally. As the resident experts on the latest word processing programs or the newly installed sales tracking software, most people who train others to use computers have little or no training experience. With checklists, questionnaires, and other hands-on tools, this book provides anyone with tools to bridge the gap between people and technology to create computer training that is clear, concise, and effective.

You'll learn how to:

Build bridges between people and computersCreate a blueprint for computer trainingAssess the learnersCheck your training results

“A guide for helping the resident computer expert become the resident computer trainer. If you are making this transition, then The Accidental Trainer should be on your shelf.” —Bill Coscarelli, director, Hewlett-Packard World Wide Testing Center

Author Biography

ELAINE WEISS has spent the past fifteen years helping people and technology work together. Her company, Educational Dimensions, designs training and nontraining strategies to improve the performance of people who work in automated work environments.

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Accidental Trainer Know Computers T