D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy

Antony Beevor
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  • ISBN
    9780143118183 / 0143118188
  • Title D-Day: The Battle for Normandy
  • Author Antony Beevor
  • Category British & Irish History
  • Format
  • Pages 624
  • Publisher
    Penguin Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 140mm x 34mm x 213mm


From critically acclaimed world historian Beevor comes the first major account in more than 20 years to cover the whole Normandy invasion, from June 6, 1944, right up to the liberation of Paris on August 25 of the same year. b&w photo insert; 17 maps.

Publisher Description

The #1 internationally bestselling history of “D-Day” is now enhanced with rare video footage from the NBC News Archives for the ultimate narrative of the battle for Normandy.
“Glorious, horrifying...”D-Day“ is a vibrant work of history that honors the sacrifice of tens of thousands of men and women.”—“Time”
Antony Beevor —the man who “single-handedly transgormed the reputation of military history” (“The Guardian”—presents the first major account of the Normandy invasion and the liberation of Paris in more than twenty years. “D-Day: The Battle for Normandy” is the first book to describe not only the experiences of the American, British, Canadian, and German soldiers, but also the terrible suffering of the French civilians caught up in the fighting. Beevor draws upon research in more than thirty archives in six countries, going back to original accounts and interviews to produce the consummate account of the invasion and the ferocious offensive that led to Paris's liberation.

Author Biography

Antony Beevor is the author of a number of histories, including “The Spanish Civil War” and “Stalingrad,” which has been published in twenty-three languages and was awarded the first Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, the Wolfson History Prize, and the Hawthornden Prize for Literature.

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D-Day: The Battle for Normandy