Online Social Sciences by Bernad Batinic

Online Social Sciences

Bernad Batinic
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More researchers in social sciences and market research want to use the Internet to obtain data. This text provides comprehensive information, from the basics upwards, about online research methods, technical approaches to data collection and the quality and limitations of data collected online.

Publisher Description

Excerpt from the Contents Web surveys - An appropriate mode of data collection for the social sciences?
bull; Internet surveys and data quality: A review
bull; Online panels
bull; Assessing internet questionnaires: The online pretest tab
bull; Context effects in web surveys
bull; Understanding the willingness to participate in online-surveys - The case of E-mail questionnaires
bull; Generalizability issues in internet-based survey research: Implications for the internet addiction controversy
bull; Personality assessment via internet: Comparing online and paper-and-pencil questionnaires
bull; Comparison of psychologists' self image and their image in the internet and in print
bull; Ability and achievement testing on the world wide web... .

Online research from an international perspective: the latest developments and techniques for social scientists and others interested in exploiting the opportunities the internet provides.

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Online Social Sciences