Beyond Power Yoga: 8 Levels of Practice for Body and Soul by Beryl Bender Birch

Beyond Power Yoga: 8 Levels of Practice for Body and Soul

Beryl Bender Birch
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Combining the mindfulness of astanga yoga with the high-energy intensity of the work-out routine, this exercise book walks readers through a series of body- and soul-enhancing routines.

Publisher Description


“Beyond Power Yoga” presents and explores the “complete” journey of the classical “astanga yoga” system, from power yoga to meditation and liberation. Bender Birch's first book, the groundbreaking “Power Yoga, ” introduced one level of “astanga yoga” to mainstream America — a high-heat, high-energy mind/body workout. Now, “Beyond Power Yoga” presents all eight levels, or limbs, of this ancient method — a total practice for body and soul.

Drawing a parallel between "astanga yoga'"s eight limbs and the mind/body energy centers "(chakras)“ of Eastern philosophy, Bender Birch shows us how we can balance and heal our body, focus and relax our mind, amplify and direct our energy ”(prana), “ and ultimately reclaim our spiritual connection to Universal Consciousness. Each chapter offers specific practices to help the reader uncover and experience the insights of the ”astanga yoga“ journey.

The YAMAS: Exploring the Fundamentals The NIYAMAS: Doing the Work ASANA: Practicing the Postures PRANAYAMA: Breathing Mindfully PRATYAHARA: Turning Inward DHARANA: Developing Concentration DHYANA: Experiencing Meditation SAMADHI: Living Joyfully

Presented in the down-to-earth illuminating style and inspiring voice of the author, illustrated with easy-to-follow photos, plus a special ”wall“ chart of the ”asana“ sequences, ”Beyond Power Yoga" offers a short form of the dynamic mind/body power yoga method, then journeys through the deeper levels of spiritual practice.

“The New York Times” Yoga that mixes sweat with serenity.

Author Biography

Beryl Bender Birch is the bestselling author of “Power Yoga” and the Director of The Hard & The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute (since 1981). She is also the Wellness Director and Yoga Teacher-in-Residence of the New York Road Runners Club. She is one of the most highly regarded and well-known yoga teachers in the United States.

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Beyond Power Yoga: 8 Levels of Practice for Body and Soul