Plain Paradise by Beth Wiseman

Plain Paradise

Beth Wiseman
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  • ISBN
    9781595548238 / 1595548238
  • Title Plain Paradise
  • Author Beth Wiseman
  • Category Christian Life & Practice
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 313
  • Publisher
    Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • Imprint Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 135mm x 25mm x 208mm


Josephine Dronberger was a scared teenager when she left her baby in the care of an Old Order Amish couple. But 17 years have passed and Josie longs to reconnect with her daughter, in this third work in A Daughters of the Promise series.

Publisher Description

Linda's Amish life seemed like paradise. Until she found out her family had been hiding a secret since the day of her birth.

Josie was just a frightened teenager when she left her baby in the care of an Old Order Amish couple in Lancaster County. Since then, seventeen years have passed and while much has changed, one thing hasn't. Josie still longs to reconnect with her daughter Linda.

But Linda is unaware of Josie—and living an idyllic life within the Amish community. The bishop's grandson, Stephen, is courting her and she hopes that he will propose soon. When her birth mother comes to Paradise, Linda finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Josie's world. Meanwhile, her adoptive parents—and her Amish beau—are trying to understand how this interruption in Linda's life could possibly be God's will.

As new relationships begin and old ones are tested, no one's life will remain the same. In the process of losing and letting go—Linda realizes whose daugther she really is. And as only God can do, something more powerful and far more beautiful is forged within the Daugthers of the Promise community...hope.

Author Biography

Award-winning, bestselling author Beth Wiseman is best known for her Amish novels, but she has also written several successful contemporary novels, set primarily in her beloved Texas, including Need You Now and The House that Love Built. Both have received glowing reviews. Beth's The Promise is inspired by a true story. Website: Twitter: @bethwiseman Facebook: Fans-of-Beth-Wiseman

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Plain Paradise