Overcoming High Tech Anxiety: Thriving in a Wired World by Beverly Goldberg

Overcoming High Tech Anxiety: Thriving in a Wired World

Beverly Goldberg
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  • ISBN
    9780787910228 / 0787910228
  • Title Overcoming High Tech Anxiety: Thriving in a Wired World
  • Author Beverly Goldberg
  • Category Management & Management Techniques
  • Format
  • Year 1999
  • Pages 187
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Jossey-Bass Inc.,U.S.
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 160mm x 22mm x 237mm


High-level technology has forever changed-and continues to change-the way we work and the skill sets we need to succeed in our careers. So whether you're growing your own business, looking for a promotion, or changing jobs, chances are you'll have to master a new skills along the way. For those of us who weren't born with a computer in our hands, keeping up with constant technological advances can seem overwhelming. But adjusting to the new world of work that technology has created is much easier than it appears. This book gives all of us the tools we need to thrive in the information age.
Beverly Goldberg sifts through the high-tech hyperbole and provides a context for understanding the new computer and communication
systems that connect us in so many intimidating and exciting ways. She then presents a six-step action plan for accepting the new state of constant change, coming to grips with the ways it has transformed the workplace, and mastering the skills we need for success.
By altering our attitudes about change and providing step-by-step guidelines for building our skills, she eases the anxiety many of us feel about the future. She shows how to gather the knowledge necessary to comprehend the new technologies critical to our specific jobs. She explains how to acquire the technical skills we need now and anticipate those we will need in the future. She demonstrates ways to use networks to connect with people who can give us help when we need it and to build trusting business relationships on-line. And she teaches us how to reinvent ourselves continually and prepare for twenty-first century careers.
With tip sheets that identify specific actions to take and aconcluding chapter that anticipates the road ahead, Overcoming High-Tech Anxiety provides the support, guidance, and practical advice we all need to stay up to speed.

Publisher Description

For every person who cringes at the thought of yet another technological innovation, Beverly Goldberg offers this survival guide for succeeding in an increasingly wired world. She lays out six steps that will help the technically challenged accept the new state of constant change, come to grips with the way it's transformed the workplace, and master the skills needed to keep pace. She also delineates the rules for networking in the new connectivity and shows how to build trusting business relationships online. Readers will find in this guide useful tips on anticipating upcoming high-tech changes, support and guidance in dealing with technological change, and technical skills for keeping pace and finding success.

"Buckle your seat belt! The ride into our technological future will be very bumpy. But we need not be anxious about it if we follow Beverly Goldberg's advice. With her guidance it can be a rewarding and enjoyable ride after all."(Richard O. Mason, director, Carl H. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility, Southern Methodist University, Dallas) “Beverly Goldberg's new book gives us information, historical perspectives, analogies, and strategies that will help us conquer our fears about the overwhelming technology we confront in nearly every aspect of our lives. By following her advice, we can all be successful in the technical world of tomorrow.”(Donna Zimmer, diversity practice leader, Shell Services International) “A lot of people continue to shudder at the dawn of the Information Age, but Beverly Goldberg more than tames the digital beast. She patiently puts a hand on the reader's shoulder and explains that there's little to fear from e-mail, corporate intranets, and the World Wide Web. More than that, she is the server of a can-do spirit, showing how the new media can be a boon to career and personal interests alike.”(Tom Brown, president, Management General) “The author does an excellent job of giving readers ideas and understanding to cope with high-tech anxiety....well written, very clear, smart, and articulate.”(Marcia Ruben, principal, Ruben Consulting Group)

Author Biography

BEVERLY GOLDBERG is vice president of The Century Foundation, formerly the Twentieth Century Fund, and executive vice president of Siberg Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm. Coauthor of Corporation on a Tightrope and Dynamic Planning, she writes for Executive Excellence and Management Review, and has consulted for such companies as Oracle, Shell, and Aetna. She lives in New York City.

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Overcoming High Tech Anxiety: Thriving in a Wired World