Frank Justice Rules the Speakeasy by Bob Furlin

Frank Justice Rules the Speakeasy

Bob Furlin
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  • ISBN
    9781448970032 / 1448970032
  • Title Frank Justice Rules the Speakeasy
  • Author Bob Furlin
  • Category Adventure
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 194
  • Publisher
    America Star Books
  • Imprint America Star Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 216mm x 140mm

Publisher Description

Frank Justice Rules: aberrant, eccentric, extraordinary, and fantastic, are just a few of the words to describe him. One never was sure what he would say or do next. He could show great compassion, but in the next second, be brutal and kill. He had great wealth and shared it with those he felt that needed help, or with causes he deemed worthy. He was a lawyer, soldier, martial arts expert, boxer, and wrestler. He seemed driven by an inner force that wanted to mete out justice, but his way, and on his terms. Even with an aura of invincibility, he was vulnerable and tormented emotionally by deep hurts from his past, that continually haunted him. Frank Justice Rules the Speakeasy is a tale of the melting out of justice his way, avenging the murder of his family, during those times. The Speakeasy is a result of the turbulent times of Prohibition.

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Frank Justice Rules the Speakeasy