The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook: The Complete Guide by Bob Nelson

The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook: The Complete Guide

Bob Nelson
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  • ISBN
    9780761121398 / 0761121390
  • Title The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook: The Complete Guide
  • Author Bob Nelson
  • Category Personnel & Human Resources Management
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 384
  • Publisher
    Workman Publishing
  • Imprint Workman Publishing
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 187mm x 30mm x 235mm


Tap the Full Potential of Your Employees with this Hands-On Guide for Implementing Rewards and Recognition

Millions of business readers have turned to Bob Nelson for motivational strategies that work. No wonder: again and again, both research and practice show that rewards and recognition are among the most effective ways to increase morale, performance, and employee retention in good times and bad. Now, having worked with thousands of organizations, Bob Nelson and coauthor Dean Spitzer provide the ultimate resource for creating and sustaining a recognition culture.

Publisher Description

Author of the Business Week million-copy bestseller, “1001 Ways to Reward Employees,” Bob Nelson is the motivational specialist who helps businesses stay competitive by teaching them how to inspire their employees to excel. Now joined by Dr. Dean Spitzer, senior consultant and performance improvement expert for IBM, Nelson distills the knowledge, experience, and ideas gained from working with thousands of organizations into a hands-on, practical fieldbook.
Beginning with the basics of motivation, including the decline of traditional incentives and the trend toward empowered employees, the book lays the groundwork for developing and managing a rewards or recognition program in any work situation: how to recognize an individual or a group; how to develop a low-cost recognition program; how to sell it to upper management, prevent and fix common problems, and assess its effectiveness. There are planning worksheets, templates for different purposes?improving morale, improving attendance, increasing retention?plus perforated reference cards for immediate guidance, and 101 new low-cost/no-cost recognition ideas. Running through the margins are Nelson's answers to the questions most frequently asked since the publication of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees.

Author Biography

Bob Nelson, Ph.D., is president of Nelson Motivation, Inc., a founding board member of the National Association for Employee Recognition (NAER), and bestselling author, including the 1001 Ways series and Managing for Dummies. Dr. Nelson lives and works in San Diego, California.

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The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook: The Complete Guide