Good Guys Versus Bad Boyz by Brent Mark Lawrence

Good Guys Versus Bad Boyz

Brent Mark Lawrence
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Publisher Description

The book is written for the Good Guys i.e. nerds, respectable, decent, quality, etc. guys out there that have trouble winning over a woman's heart. In this present world, and centuries before, Good Guys have always/mostly lost out to the Bad Boyz. This book reveals where Good Guys go wrong in their pursuit of a woman and how they can fix their problems. It also reveals the Bad Boyz traits used to win women over and how Good Guys can utilize some of those traits to win a lady without compromising their morals or value systems. It's based on research done from interviews with women and men of different ages, races, cultures, relationship statuses, and religions. The book is mostly aimed at the Christian Good Guys of the world but it is also applicable to any Good Guy of any religion or stature. The book provides good and sound practical information that would level the ground in the Good Guys versus Bad Boyz battle. But in all honesty it gives the Good Guys an advantage over the Bad Boyz. The book is applicable to the modern day man and uses smart and witty slang of the day.

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Good Guys Versus Bad Boyz