Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783 by C. Keith Wilbur

Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783

C. Keith Wilbur and C. Keith Wilbue
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Using 85 full-page plates of hand-lettered text and meticulously detailed drawings, C. Keith Wilbur has skillfully brought to life the day-to-day pleasures and privations enjoyed and endured by the Revolutionary fighting. The text and illustrations combine to present a vivid picture of the Continental soldier as a living man - from the clothes he wore, gear he carried, and personal items he used to the food he cooked, weapons he bore, medical supplies he relied on, and religious beliefs in which he found solace. The book presents an engaging profile of the man who lived, worked, fought, and won a nation's freedom more than two centuries ago. A full index, guide to where illustrated relics may be found, and bibliography complete this all-inclusive reference and reading treasure.

Publisher Description

The Illustrated Living History series offers a close look at how Native Americans, explorers, and colonists lived their everyday lives in the America of the 16th-19th centuries. Each title in the series, especially created for grades 5 to 10, has been carefully researched for authentic detail and accurately illustrated to help young readers have fun discovering America's earliest history and development.

Author Biography

Wilbur is a retired medical doctor, and spends much of his time pursuing his long-standing interest in archaeology and artifact collecting. He is an accomplished historian and craftsman.

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Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783