Sex Spoken Here by Carole Queen

Sex Spoken Here

Carole Queen
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  • ISBN
    9780940208193 / 0940208199
  • Title Sex Spoken Here
  • Author Carole Queen
  • Category Erotic Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 1998
  • Pages 100
  • Publisher
    Down There Press
  • Imprint Down There Press,U.S.
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 140mm x 14mm x 216mm


Sex radical Carol Queen and artist Jack Davis, Good Vibrations' staff members and co-hosts of the store's Erotic Reading Circles, have selected over thirty short stories and a sprinkling of verse from those gatherings. This enticing collection of tales from popular erotica authors Blake C. Aarens, Tristan Taormino, Thomas Roche and M. Christian, as well as newcomers, includes a diversity of sexual orientations and explores the boundaries of traditionally accepted sexuality.

Publisher Description

Many writers join groups of other writers to test their work, to share it with others who understand the writing process before exposing it to the world at large. Where do writers of sexual material go? To Good Vibrations in San Francisco, of course, which sponsors a regular forum for writers and others to read aloud from their own work or that of their favorite authors.

Original short stories and a sprinkling of verse make up Sex Spoken Here, guaranteed to give you a new appreciation for the range of erotic content that's possible. Erotic work about many sexual persuasions from all sexual orientations is included, from published as well as first-time writers of all genders. The Good Vibrations Erotic Reading Circle provides an environment that is sex positive and non-judgmental, where people can grow and expand their ideas and thoughts about sex.

Each contribution to Sex Spoken Here was read aloud at one of the reading circles, pre-testing it for sharing with a lover, with friends, or in your public speaking class Some are from the authors' works in progress, others are finished pieces. Each provides new insight into what constitutes the erotic experience, offering support for the variety we all enjoy.

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Sex Spoken Here