Ghosts of Forbidden Ridge by Catelin Hoover

Ghosts of Forbidden Ridge

Catelin Hoover
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  • ISBN
    9781615076819 / 1615076816
  • Title Ghosts of Forbidden Ridge
  • Author Catelin Hoover
  • Category Westerns
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 276
  • Publisher
    Crossbooks Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 152mm

Publisher Description

Matt Connacht's uncle, Parson Jacques Louvel, is predictable. For all of Matt's life, his uncle has written three to four letters a year to Matt's mother-so, when the letters suddenly stop, Matt knows something must be wrong. In Parson Jacques's final letter, he details strange activities taking place in the supposedly haunted Forbidden Ridge. Seeking an answer to this mystery, and his uncle's suspicious silence, Matt travels to New Mexico Territory. Like so many of the other able-bodied men in the town of San Vcente de la Cienaga, Matt's uncle has gone missing. The sheriff blames many of these disappearances on the ghosts at Forbidden Ridge, but Matt has doubts, especially after meeting the widow Juanita whose sons have also disappeared Her daughter, Esperanza, suspects the sheriff of being in cahoots with a local group of thugs, known as the Breasal Gang. Matt and Esperanza must make a plan to return their lost family members, and to do so they must go up against the sheriff and his backup of violent gang members. They must use courage, faith, and pointers from a few old Bible stories to rally the remaining townspeople together to fight the bad guys. In the spirit of the Wild West, Matt Connacht will fight his fear and help solve the true mystery of Forbidden Ridge.

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Ghosts of Forbidden Ridge