Fusion Family by Charlotte Egemar Kaaber

Fusion Family

Charlotte Egemar Kaaber
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  • ISBN
    9781450277624 / 1450277624
  • Title Fusion Family
  • Author Charlotte Egemar Kaaber
  • Category Separation & Divorce
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 152
  • Publisher
  • Imprint iUniverse
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 216mm x 140mm

Publisher Description

In a time when divorce rates are higher than ever before-especially in blended families-“The Fusion Family” offers welcome guidance, practical advice, and easy-to-apply solutions and tools for families in transition. Charlotte Egemar Kaaber is a certified life and business coach, as well as a fusion mother. Relying on her professional and personal experiences as well as interviews with other blended families, she provides a comprehensive handbook aimed at helping families build the kind of strong foundation that enables everyone to stay united, even during the family's most challenging times. Kaaber shares thought-provoking inspiration and ways to succeed for a wide range of applicable issues, including communicating with an ex-spouse; disciplining children in a blended family; establishing new traditions and memories; dealing with jealousy among the children and parents; being present and creating security. The practical advice, tips, and tools included in “The Fusion Family” will help any newly-blended family understand and overcome challenges to create a new future together. “I wish my mother had read ”The Fusion Family."" -Pernille, a Danish woman who grew up in a blended family

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Fusion Family