Ten Technologies to Save the Planet by Chris Goodall

Ten Technologies to Save the Planet

Chris Goodall
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Respected, authoritative, award-winning author Chris Goodall tackles global warming reversal in this engaging and balanced book. “Ten Technologies to Save the Planet” — popular science writing at its most crucial — is arguably the most readable and comprehensive overview of large-scale solutions to climate change available. Goodall profiles ten technologies with the potential to slash global greenhouse emissions, explaining how they work and telling the stories of the inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are driving them forward. Some of Goodall's selections, such as the electric car, are familiar. Others, like algae and charcoal, are more surprising. Illustrated with black-and-white photos and simple charts, “Ten Technologies to Save the Planet” combines cutting-edge analysis with straightforward explanations about pros and cons, and debunks myths along the way.

Author Biography

Chris Goodall is Chair of telecommunications company Dynmark International, a member of the UK Competition Commission and Utilities Appeal Panel, and the Green Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon. He is also a former Director of Which? Ltd.

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Ten Technologies to Save the Planet