Art of Deception: Love’s Masquerade by Chris Williams

Art of Deception: Love’s Masquerade

Chris Williams
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Publisher Description

Denise Wright is beautiful, successful, and determined. Lately her perfect life hasn't been going according to plan. A past she thought she had deeply buried slowly unearths as she is suddenly plagued by dreams and memories that may or may not be real. The carefully built faade of her life crumbles chapter by chapter as secrets are exposed and Denise learns that the need to forgive and to be forgiven may come at a price even she's not sure she can pay. She will realize that she has become a victim of her own deceit while searching for wealth and recognition in her career. What she eventually find is priceless. She finds herself. Relationships and friendships are tested, destroyed, and renewed amongst some of Denise's friends, who have chosen to live day by day as someone other than who they really are. They are also hiding dark secrets, but will soon learn that no secret is safe and no closet immune as the skeletons come tumbling out. Raw sexuality, intimacy, and unrelenting love set the pace that takes you down a sensual winding path of lies and discovery.

Author Biography

Chris Williams is professor of history at Swansea University.

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Art of Deception: Love’s Masquerade