Incidental Contact by Chuck Walley

Incidental Contact

Chuck Walley
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Conrad Dobler, 10-year NFL veteran, 3-time Pro Bowler and Author of Pride and Perseverance touts it as "A book which flows and reads quickly. Fictional? Sure it is ... if you don't believe this can or has happened, then you are living in the dark ages.“ World Record-Holder and former Harlem Globetrotter Wayne Clark calls it ”Fascinating ... I found myself immersed in an incredibly believable world which left me no choice but to seriously consider the unthinkable." 13-year veteran NBA referee Tim Donaghy, Author of Personal Foul, proclaims that it's “An action-packed thriller whose sinister plot is closer to reality than many would want to believe. An absolute must-read for every sports fan.” "Chuck's work is always spot-on, but this novel is groundbreaking. A gripping story with unforgettable characters that you'll wish would never end,“ declares two-time Olympic Medalist John ”Louie" Ehrensbeck. Trey Vollmer, a somewhat nave N.Y.U. grad, works in the Media Relations Department at the International Football League. Born and raised in the Adirondacks, he now shares an apartment on New York's Upper West Side with his life-long friend Rob Morrow, whose personality is in stark contrast to that of his own. A lady's man of legendary repute, Rob's a sports junkie with a gambling problem. The plot unfolds as Trey stumbles upon a document which suggests the possibility of a highly illegal “Executive Office Pool.” That night, having informed Rob of his find, the wheels are set in motion. Naturally, Rob wants to get to the bottom of it, albeit with an ulterior motive. Trey, however, worries that pursuing the matter could cost him his job, not to mention the trouble that might be caused for his fianc, Jessica Abrams, who happens to be the Commissioner's daughter. Things only get worse when Rob decides to dig deeper and discovers a connection between IFL Corporate Counsel Al Edwards and Frank Pinella, the Tri-State area's Capo dei Capi. Their lives turned upside-down, a plan is hatched to reveal the League's sinister inner workings to the world. It won't be easy, though. The walls are closing in on all sides, and fast. A roller-coaster ride of events unfolds along the way, climaxing at the world's first international pro football championship, the Ultra Bowl. But in the end, as is the case throughout this mind-bender, nothing is quite what it seems. Incidental Contact combines intrigue, drama, romance, and non-stop action in a way that is sure to appeal. Open to the first chapter, and settle in. You won't be putting it down anytime soon.

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Incidental Contact