Dare to Dominate by Claire Thompson

Dare to Dominate

Claire Thompson
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  • ISBN
    9781419961137 / 1419961136
  • Title Dare to Dominate
  • Author Claire Thompson
  • Category Erotic Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 184
  • Publisher
    Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 140mm x 216mm

Publisher Description

Jonathan Goldman's sexual fantasies are colored with dominant dreams of enslavement and control. As a liberated man who admires and adores women, his fantasies leave him feeling ashamed. Laurel Jordan is a free spirit. She joyfully embraces her sexually submissive nature, understanding the road to true liberation lies not in upholding society's rigid mores and expectations but in being true to oneself. Yet Laurel has a secret too. Though ready for adventure, she keeps her heart carefully concealed. No man has ever penetrated the carefree, casual attitude she wears around herself like a shield. When this unlikely pair meets, the sparks fly. Jonathan is forced to confront and come to terms with his dominant sexual impulses. Laurel finds her careful fa ade being cracked by the only man ever to get close enough to break her heart. As Jonathan and Laurel move from casual BDSM play to a more serious D/s relationship, each is forced to decide if this is merely a game or a way of life and ultimately, of love.

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Dare to Dominate