Combinatorial and Computational Geometry

Combinatorial and Computational Geometry

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  • ISBN
    9780521178396 / 0521178398
  • Title Combinatorial and Computational Geometry
  • Author
  • Category Geometry
    Mathematical Theory Of Computation
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 630
  • Publisher
    Cambridge University Press
  • Imprint Cambridge University Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 156mm x 234mm x 32mm


This 2005 book deals with interest topics in Discrete and Algorithmic aspects of Geometry.

Publisher Description

During the past few decades, the gradual merger of Discrete Geometry and the newer discipline of Computational Geometry has provided enormous impetus to mathematicians and computer scientists interested in geometric problems. This 2005 volume, which contains 32 papers on a broad range of topics of interest in the field, is an outgrowth of that synergism. It includes surveys and research articles exploring geometric arrangements, polytopes, packing, covering, discrete convexity, geometric algorithms and their complexity, and the combinatorial complexity of geometric objects, particularly in low dimension. There are points of contact with many applied areas such as mathematical programming, visibility problems, kinetic data structures, and biochemistry, as well as with algebraic topology, geometric probability, real algebraic geometry, and combinatorics.

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Combinatorial and Computational Geometry