Concepts in Numerical Methods by Cyril Onwubiko

Concepts in Numerical Methods

Cyril Onwubiko
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  • ISBN
    9783639186093 / 3639186095
  • Title Concepts in Numerical Methods
  • Author Cyril Onwubiko
  • Category Mathematics
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 408
  • Publisher
    Vdm Verlag
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 152mm


This introductory text teaches foundational concepts in numerical mathematics. It uses real-world examples, representational graphs, solved tutorials, practice problems, flow diagrams, algorithms and computer programs to enrich knowledge and strengthen understanding. It covers contemporary numerical method techniques, such as root finding methods, difference calculus and interpolation principle. It explains existing traditional techniques used in solving engineering and process-based tasks involving numerical differentiation and integration, such as Euler's method, rectangular method, trapezium method and the Runge-Kutta family of methods. It discusses initial value problems, uniform partition, non-uniform partition, Cauchy equation, Lagrange interpolation and boundary value problems. Finally, it also covers root finding methods including fixed-point, bisection, regula- falsi, Secant and Newton methods. The book is ideal as a one-semester text on numerical methods and its related disciplines. It is also relevant to other readers as a reference manual.

Author Biography

Dr. Cyril Onwubiko is a Security Consultant at British Telecom (BT). Prior to BT, he spent eight years at COLT Telecom as a Network and Security Analyst, helping COLT develop its pan-European IP & MPLS VPN suite of services. Cyril's research interests are in Computer Network Security, Cyber Threat Analysis, SIEM, Graph Theory and Data Fusion.

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Concepts in Numerical Methods