Science Alive 6 for VELS Student Workbook by Daniela Nardelli

Science Alive 6 for VELS Student Workbook

Daniela Nardelli
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  • ISBN
    9780731408061 / 0731408063
  • Title Science Alive 6 for VELS Student Workbook
  • Author Daniela Nardelli
  • Category Educational: Sciences, General Science
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 175
  • Publisher
    John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
  • Imprint Jacaranda Wiley, Australia
  • Edition


Contains worksheets developed to enhance the teaching and learning of Science for Middle Years students. This title features: worksheets focused on multiple intelligences; Science practical reports that give students scope to build skills progressively by graphing and making tables; and, crosswords that help to build a complete science glossary.

Publisher Description

Years 9 and 10 Science Alive for VELS Level 6 Student workbook complements the Science Alive VELS Level 6 Textbook with hands on practice and activities. The wide variety of engaging worksheets for each chapter encourage independent learning. Students can use this workbook in class or as homework sheets allowing development of a comprehensive classroom and homework program. Features: *multiple intelligences worksheets *crosswords that enable students to revise the meaning of key terms in each chapter *visual learning worksheets enhance visual learning *practical reports provide practice in science skills *science literacy worksheets that extend students' vocabularly and knowledge *personal leraning tracking and evaluation sheets

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Science Alive 6 for VELS Student Workbook