El Traductor: La Historia de Un Nativo del Desierto de Darfur by Daoud Hari

El Traductor: La Historia de Un Nativo del Desierto de Darfur (Spanish)

Daoud Hari and Dennis Michael Burke
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  • ISBN
    9788493619411 / 8493619418
  • Title El Traductor: La Historia de Un Nativo del Desierto de Darfur
  • Author Daoud Hari and Dennis Michael Burke
  • Category African History
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 187
  • Publisher
  • Language Spanish
  • Dimensions 147mm x 18mm x 224mm


The young life of Daoud Harihis friends call him Davidhas been one of bravery and mesmerizing adventure. He is a living witness to the brutal genocide under way in Darfur. The Translator is a suspenseful, harrowing, and deeply moving memoir of how one person has made a difference in the worldan on-the-ground account of one of the biggest stories of our time. Using his high school knowledge of languages as his weaponwhile others around him were taking up armsDaoud Hari has helped inform the world about Darfur. Hari, a Zaghawa tribesman, grew up in a village in the Darfur region of Sudan. As a child he saw colorful weddings, raced his camels across the desert, and played games in the moonlight after his work was done. In 2003, this traditional life was shattered when helicopter gun ships appeared over Darfurs villages, followed by Sudanese-government-backed militia groups attacking on horseback, raping and murdering citizens and burning villages. Ancient hatreds and greed for natural resources had collided, and the conflagration spread. Though Haris village was attacked and destroyed his family decimated and dispersed, he himself escaped. Roaming the battlefield deserts on camels, he and a group of his friends helped survivors find food, water, and the way to safety. When international aid groups and reporters arrived, Hari offered his services as a translator and guide. In doing so, he risked his life again and again, for the government of Sudan had outlawed journalists in the region, and death was the punishment for those who aided the foreign spies. And then, inevitably, his luck ran out and he was captured.

Author Biography

Daoud Hari was born in the Darfur region of Sudan. After escaping an assault on his village, he entered the refugee camps in Chad and began serving as a translator for major news organizations including “The New York Times,” NBC, and the BBC, as well as the UN and other aid groups. He now lives in the United States, and was part of SaveDarfur.org's “Voices from Darfur” tour.

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El Traductor: La Historia de Un Nativo del Desierto de Darfur