The King of Erotica 2: The Crown by Dapharoah69

The King of Erotica 2: The Crown

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  • ISBN
    9780615153087 / 0615153089
  • Title The King of Erotica 2: The Crown
  • Author Dapharoah69
  • Category Erotic Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 620
  • Publisher
    Tkoe Pub
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 38mm x 152mm


The legacy continues with the King of Erotica doing what he does best: blazing flames across bedrooms, and giving readers something to think about.

Publisher Description

The King of Erotica 2: the Crown picks up where Book 1 left off. A dizzying array of articulately, sexually charged stories with a message, the King promises once again to make the bedroom steam and the mattress cry in shame. The feisty, potty-mouthed Melissa Jackson returns in the second edition. She has one question to ask her lovers: "Are you Freaky Deaky?“ This is the woman who participated in an orgy in her local church from Book 1, The Golden Masks. No longer diagnosed with Cancer, she reclaims her life, turns out a married man on an airplane and reinvents a thug from New York by using cheese cake, her fingers and.cheesecake. In ”Fate Williams,“ a lesbian, Jamaican woman gets more than she bargained for when not only does she have to endure the sexual abuse inflicted on her by her own flesh and blood mother but Fate is in love with a woman with a past and a secret involving her son. In ”PH Balance," a hard-working black woman is in love with her homosexual male best friend. When a kiss leads to fireworks, will he make love to the sexy vixen or will his sexuality prevent him from doing so? Clever is back in “Rayne in the Bedroom 2.” “I just want to live out my dreams ” she boasts. Will her male counterpart participate in the affair, or will a certain prostitute threaten to destroy the fantasy?

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The King of Erotica 2: The Crown