Another 52 Great Bridge Tips by David Bird

Another 52 Great Bridge Tips

David Bird
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  • ISBN
    9780713490480 / 0713490489
  • Title Another 52 Great Bridge Tips
  • Author David Bird
  • Category Bridge
  • Format
  • Year 2007
  • Pages 160
  • Publisher
    B.T. Batsford
  • Imprint Batsford Ltd
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 141mm x 12mm x 215mm


David Bird's bestselling “52 Great Bridge Tips” was based on the proven principle that knowledge is easiest to digest when it comes in bite-size morsels. Now he's back with another feast of wisdom for players of all levels. A noted writer of fiction as well as a leading bridge authority, Bird uses his wit and narrative skill along with an encyclopedic knowledge of the game to explain such winning concepts as: “Hold on to the ace of trumps,” “Lead a low card on the first round,” and "Block the defenders' suit." Each of the tips is illustrated with a cleverly designed hand.

Publisher Description

Author David Bird is one of the world's leading bridge writers. It offers an entertaining and instructive advice for every week of the year and easy-to-digest tips on all aspects of the game. The latest in the bestselling “Bridge Tips” series from David Bird. Another 52 tips to bring out the best in all bridge players - one for every week of the year. Easily digestible nuggets of wisdom from one of the world's leading bridge writers. In his usual clear and entertaining style, Bird explains how you can tackle many situations that are mishandled time and again by the average player. Absorb just a few of these tips into your game and your results will improve noticeably. Add all 52 into your armoury and...well, who knows what will happen?

Author Biography

David Bird is one of the world's leading bridge writers, appearing in columns in the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. Although he is primarily known for his bridge fiction, this new instructional book has the hallmark of elegant writing as all his other publications. He is the author of the other two volumes in the series: 52 Great Bridge Tips (0713488921) and 52 Great Tips in Declarer Play (0713489774), which are both strong sellers. David lives in Hampshire.

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Another 52 Great Bridge Tips