Arabic for Dummies Audio Set [With 96-Page Listening Guide] by David F. Dimeo

Arabic for Dummies Audio Set [With 96-Page Listening Guide]

David F. Dimeo
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This fresh, fun way to learn to speak Arabic—on the go—features three hoursof language instruction on three CDs.

Publisher Description

Learn how to speak and understand Modern Standard Arabic quickly and easily with “Arabic For Dummies Audio Set,” which allows you to practice your skills whether you're at home or on the road. From 3 hours of instructional material on 3 CDs, learn basic greetings, vocabulary, how to ask for directions, get help when you need it most, expressions, grammar, and other essentials that will allow you to start communicating right away. Follow along with the handy portable guide, which is filled with words and phrases that you'll hear on the CD.

Author Biography

David F. DiMeo, PhD, has been teaching basic, intermediate, and advanced Arabic and Arabic literature at the university level for eight years.

User Reviews
  • I am enjoying 'Arabic for Dummies' so much. I learn something from the program then use it to communicate with Arabic speaking friends. They are very impressed and of course we laugh a lot!

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  • Starting from no knowledge of Arabic, I found this a good way to get started.Due to the complexities of the language, it skips anything too difficult so someone can get talkingat a basic but usable level.

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Arabic for Dummies Audio Set [With 96-Page Listening Guide]