Burned by David Hagberg


David Hagberg
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Patty and David Monroe have flown to Moscow to repair a business deal which has gone bad—when it suddenly turns nightmarish. At the hands of brutal Islamic terrorists, Patty faces the most frightening ordeal imaginable, in this thriller inspired by actual events.

Publisher Description

Patty and David Monroe have flown to Moscow to repair a business deal which has gone bad—when it suddenly turns nightmarish.  Shooting David and kidnapping Patty, their Russian business partners drive her to a ramshackle dacha twenty miles east of Moscow.  There, her captors—along with brutal Islamic terrorists—will attempt to ransom her.  Patty will face the most frightening ordeal imaginable.

For the first time in history, FBI agents must work with Russian security forces.  In an atmosphere of violent mistrust and political hatred, only their burning desire to rescue Patty Monroe will hold the operation together.

“Burned” is inspired by the horrifying ordeal of Yvonne Bornstein.  Kidnapped in Russia in the 1990s by Islamic terrorists, Yvonne and her husband were held for ransom.  During her captivity she was tortured, starved, and abused. Her captors were affiliated with early al Qaeda partisans. While this book is fiction, “Burned” captures the spirit of Yvonne’s resistance and ultimate triumph. 

“David Hagberg writes the most realistic, prophetic thrillers I have ever read. His books should be required reading in Washington” Stephen Coonts, new York Times bestselling author of The Assassin"

Author Biography

BORIS GINDIN was the Chief Engineer and Senior Lieutenant aboard the Soviet anti-submarine warship the “FFG Storozhevoy,” He is now an American citizen and lives in Stamford, Connecticut. DAVID HAGBERG has spent over thirty years researching and studying US-Soviet relations during the Cold War. During the height of the Cold War, he worked as an Air Force cryptographer. He has published more than twenty novels of suspense, including the bestselling “The Kremlin Conspiracy,” for which he won the American Book Award, and a string of bestselling thrillers featuring former CIA director Kirk McGarve

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