Citizenship Through Secondary Geography by David Lambert

Citizenship Through Secondary Geography

David Lambert
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This book reveals the potential of geography to engage with citizenship. It provides: theoretical signposts in the form of short, digestible explanations for key ideas such as racism, values, identity, community and social exclusion a number of inset activities 'for further thinking' a critique of the discipline and the pitfalls to avoid in teaching citizenship through geography practical teaching suggestions.

All the contributions to this valuable book point to the capacity of geography to engage with citizenship, values, education and people - environment decision-making, on scales that range from the local to the global. It offers positive and direct ways to become involved in the thinking that must underpin any worthwhile citizenship education, for all experienced teachers, student teachers, heads of department, curriculum managers, principals and policy-makers.

Publisher Description

Citizenship will become a statutory part of the National Curriculum in September 2001, supported by both direct funding and voluntary and community projects. This initiative is seen as vital to prepare young people for life as it aims to teach them not just about political institutions but about fundamental issues affecting their lives. This book defines the contribution that geography makes to citizenship and democracy education, and which, indeed, it must make if citizenship education is to be effective in crowded curriculum. It addresses both the ways in which the content and the pedagogy of the secondary geography curriculum can contribute to the teaching of citizenship and ways in which the proposed content of the curriculum for citizenship can be addressed through geography. The book covers the key issues, including: values; ethics; identity; sustainable futures; community; and social exclusion.

'Lambert and Machon's [book] is a timely and considered contribution...the book provides chapters setting the background to citizenship in geography education from a stimulating range of different viewpoints...[it] is an essential read for those at the intersection of citizenship and geography in secondary schools.' - Angus Willson, The Development Education Journal

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Citizenship Through Secondary Geography