Adolf Hitler by David Nicholls

Adolf Hitler

David Nicholls
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This A-Z biographical sourcebook provides information about the life and times of Adolf Hitler, along with insight into the political movement and world conflict he created.

Publisher Description

The story of Hitler's rise to power as leader of Germany, the destruction of democracy and civilized values in a great nation, together with World War II, for which he bears the principal responsibility, provide a painful historical lesson. The rise and fall of the Hitler regime warn us of the destruction that ensues when a perverted ideology and a cult of leadership are combined with a polity where power is divorced from morality. This illustrated A-to-Z biographical companion provides information about the key events in Hitler's life; his most important collaborators and opponents; his domestic and foreign policies; the use of propaganda and the forging of the Hitler cult; racial persecution and the Holocaust; and Hitler as a war leader.

“The information and analysis are very helpful to anyone seeking to understand this dark and complicated man and the impact he had on human history. Students will find this volume a good place to begin research on Hitler, and the bibliographies will help them find more complete information. Recommended for high school, public, and undergraduate libraries.” - Booklist “'Adolf Hitler: A Biographical Companion is an orderly and succinct work that provides easy access to a good deal of useful information... Given its format and ease of use, students and lay readers will find it equally compelling. It merits consideration for public, high school, and undergraduate collections.” - Against the Grain “A first-rate encyclopedic resource... An outstanding reference resource that is highly recommended for any library.” - American Reference Books Annual “Recommended for general and undergraduate collections lacking the sources listed or for collections in need of a complete, up to date set of sources on this topic.” - Choice “The book is excellent... The text does give good analyses... It is recommended for reference collections in public, sixth form, and undergraduate libraries.” - Reference Reviews

Author Biography

Nicholls holds a Ph.D. in modern history from the University of Birmingham. He has been a lecturer in history at the Universities of Leeds, Exeter, and at Tours in France.

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Adolf Hitler