As Good As a Dog by David Rathman

As Good As a Dog

David Rathman
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AS GOOD AS A DOG A DOG CAN LIE ABOUT SOMEONE BUT NOT LIE ABOUT SOMEONE “The justice system is, unfortunately, often not a friend of the family or the truth.” For what crime can a person be accused, judged, convicted, and sentenced without trial or chance to speak the truth? ANSWER: CHILD ABUSE In what court is “perjury” permitted? ANSWER: “PERJURY” IS RARELY CONSIDERED IN DOMESTIC RELATIONS CASES. The answer to the question above was written in a book describing how to succeed in your divorce case. An internet ad states, “Revenge in your domestic relations case can be achieved thru using the children, finances and assets.” Another ad states, “What is being made available are the dirtiest divorce tactics known.” And what is the dirtiest tactic? It is a three letter word, “LIE.” LIE to the police, doctors, lawyers, and judges. LIE to the Custody Evaluator and the Custody Master. LIE to personnel in CYS, family, and friends. And what is a second dirty tactic? Have them LIE for you. The point of “AS GOOD AS A DOG” is to show how these “dirty tactics” were used and to present a means to fight them. I have given the proposal for state legislature to a member of the state senate.
It is based on the experience of my wife and I, my daughter, and my grandsons.

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As Good As a Dog