In Just One Second by Davide Cali

In Just One Second

Davide Cali and Silvio Freytes
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All the things that happen on one street in just one second.

Publisher Description

10 Little Insects is a hilarious riff on that celebrated whodunnit, Agatha Christie's 10 Little Indians. In this innovative graphic novel for younger readers, ten very different insects, each with something to hide, are brought together to a mysterious house on a secluded island for the weekend. Then, one by one, they start dying in very unusual circumstances. But all is not as it seems, as Cali and Pianina delightfully subvert the whodunnit genre with a story that is at once brilliant, baffling, laugh out loud funny and somewhat surreal.

“Features inventive, whimsical mixed-media illustrations... An intriguing offering that will open up discussion.” — Booklist on The Bear with the Sword

Author Biography

Silvio Freytes was born in Argentina in 1971 and is a popular writer for children throughout the Spanish-speaking world. His illustrations for In Just One Second won him a prestigious Daniel Gil Book Design Award.

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In Just One Second