Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases by Dean A. CLI Beers

Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases

Dean A. CLI Beers
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Legal investigators are responsible for providing factual evidence a " as the fact finders, they are the foundation for the attorneys they work with daily. The attorney is responsible for forming and implementing the legal strategy and presenting it to the judge or jury. The legal investigator provides checks and balances to ensure that no evidence is being forced upon a theory, and that no theory is being forced upon the evidence. Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases presents legal investigators with a step-by-step process that reveals how to methodically find and report evidence in every aspect of the investigative process.

Similar to the scientific principle of using research to prove or disprove a theory, the authora (TM)s Investigative Protocol is designed to find the facts that prove or disprove criminal charges, civil allegations, or elements thereof. The book includes case studies that clearly detail how the process of the Investigative Protocol applies to every assignment of the case and to the case as a whole. Comprehensive and methodical, the system provides a map to the truth.

“Mr. Beers' exemplary performance can be traced to his merger of life experience with in-depth study of criminalistics and meticulous attention to detail.a His investigations show a unique combination of 'book smarts' and common sense.” “Dean is an expert forensic photographer and was one of the most thorough medicolegal death investigators I have encountered in my career.a He showed great skill during scene investigations, performing case follow-up, and in the autopsy suite.a He is a credit to the profession and I believe his work displays a commitment to the forensic sciences and investigative services.a His work in both photography and medicolegal investigations is detailed, thorough, objective, and of the highest quality.” — Stephen J. Cina, MD, Forensic Pathologist, “The painstaking inquiry of the legal investigator is indispensable to the competent and successful trial attorney and to the effective administration of justice in this country.” — National Association of Legal Investigators / Certified Legal Investigator Program, " ! an information packed, all inclusive “Legal Investigator's Manual” providing a thorough understanding of the knowledge, skills and practices required in order to become the successful, highly valued investigator on any legal team. ! should be a 'must-read' for every new investigator making his or her way into criminal defense and civil negligence matters. ! The wealth of information in this book is both comprehensive and timeless." —Pursuit Magazine "I have in front of me a textbook that all professional investigators should read. Dean Beers ! has managed to do a great job of compiling a handbook of concepts and protocols that apply to both civil and criminal investigations. ! From the outset, this text thoroughly and concisely walks you through an investigation, covering a variety of civil and criminal investigations, from photography to death analysis and all things in between." —Florida Association of Licensed Investigators Newsletter

Author Biography

Dean A. Beers, CLI, formed his legal investigative agency in 1987, quickly becoming a leading and innovative provider of investigative, legal, and trial support services. His services include incident and scene investigations, causation of injuries and death, photography, videography, interviews, evidence collection, records and reports reviews, statement analysis, and many other related services. Beers has lectured extensively and is a regular contributing editor to The Legal Investigator, a publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators.

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Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases