Project Management in Construction by Dennis Lock

Project Management in Construction

Dennis Lock
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  • ISBN
    9780566086120 / 0566086123
  • Title Project Management in Construction
  • Author Dennis Lock
  • Category Project Management
    Construction Industry
  • Format
  • Year 2004
  • Pages 160
  • Publisher
    Gower Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint Gower Publishing Ltd
  • Dimensions 172mm x 244mm x 246mm


Dennis Lock presents a practical, accessible guide to defining, organizing, planning and executing a construction project so that it is completed to the satisfaction of the principal stakeholders.

Author Biography

Dennis Lock is an independent consultant and university lecturer who now specializes in project management. His long and varied industrial management experience has ranged from subminiature electronic assemblies to international mining projects and estates management. He has written or edited numerous books, over 25 of them for Gower, including for example The Gower Handbook of Management and the hugely successful Project Management.

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Project Management in Construction