Holland: Paradise or Hell? by Dewanand

Holland: Paradise or Hell?

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With a slice of cheese between both of their teeth, two Dutch homosexuals passionately embrace while walking through the dunes - with tulips in the hair and laughing loudly for having remembered a sexual adventure in the attic room of a Hague windmill. Does this sentence from the first chapter illustrate the reality of living in the Netherlands? Is the native Dutchman living in an organized paradise or in a high tech Hell, at the present time? Are the wild Dutch women looking for the best man for a sex adventure or are they the romantic experts of global quality? Are the homeless Dutchmen experimenting the whole day with the newest narcotic laws? And how do the gassed Muslims live? The rather ambitious Hindu writer Dewanand describes why living in Holland is a Hell on one hand and is like living in a paradise on the other, from a personal viewpoint, after a turbulent integration of twenty years. Dewanand. Delft, 2010

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paradise on the other, from a personal viewpoint.

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Holland: Paradise or Hell?