A Calendar of Scottish Saints (Dodo Press) by Dom Michael Barrett

A Calendar of Scottish Saints (Dodo Press)

Dom Michael Barrett
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  • ISBN
    9781409992448 / 1409992446
  • Title A Calendar of Scottish Saints (Dodo Press)
  • Author Dom Michael Barrett
  • Category History Of Religion
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 94
  • Publisher
    Dodo Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 6mm x 229mm


Dom Michael Barrett (1848-1924) was a monk of the Order of Saint Benedict at St. Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, Scotland. He was the author of numerous historical and religious works including: Early Scottish Saints (1899), Scottish Benedictine Houses of the Past (1899), Scottish Cistercian Houses (1902), The Ancient Cathedrals of Scotland (c. 1910), Up in Ardmuirland (1912), Our Lady in the Liturgy: Considerations on Certain Feasts of the Mother of God (1912), Did the Scottish Nation Welcome the Reformation? (c. 1912), The Scottish Monasteries of Old (1913), Footprints of the Ancient Church of Scotland (1914), Rambles in Catholic Lands (1914), Sidelights on Scottish History (1918), The Holy Wells of Scotland (? ), Scottish Collegiate Churches (? ) and A Calendar of Scottish Saints (1919).

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A Calendar of Scottish Saints (Dodo Press)