Infidelity: A Complete Resource Guide by Don-David Lusterman

Infidelity: A Complete Resource Guide

Don-David Lusterman
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An expert with years of success in helping couples overcome infidelity shows how a marriage can not only survive but be stronger after couples confront the reasons behind indiscretions.

Publisher Description

The discovery of an infidelity can deliver a devastating blow—but it can be survived. Psychologist Don-David Lusterman has spent thousands of hours counseling clients who needed help coping with infidelity. In this book, he shares what he has learned in a step-by-step format that helps readers cope with the emotional impact of the affair, decide what it tells them about their marriage, and either choose to break up or begin to rebuild their relationship.

"“Infidelity: A Survivial Guide” is a wonderful guide for couples dealing with the aftermath of an infidelity. As a wise and very knowledgeable therapist, Dr. Lusterman clearly explains the complex dynamics of infidelity. He provides an excellent road map for both partners to rebuild trust and then take a path that can lead to a better marriage." —Constance R. Ahrons, Ph.D., author of “The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Falls Apart ”

Author Biography

Don-David Lusterman, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Baldwin, NY. He specializes in marriage and family therapy. A frequent media guest, he has appeared on The Today Show and Oprah and been the subject of numerous radio and print interviews. He has spent thousands of hours counseling clients who were dealing with infidelity in their marriages. This helped him to develop a model for intervention that can enables both partners to make decisions.

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Infidelity: A Complete Resource Guide