Barack Obama by Don Nardo

Barack Obama

Don Nardo
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  • ISBN
    9780756542856 / 0756542855
  • Title Barack Obama
  • Author Don Nardo
  • Category Biography: General
  • Format
    Library Binding
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 64
  • Publisher
    Compass Point Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 180mm x 10mm x 229mm


Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world, tracing its start back to 3500 b.c.e. About 98 percent of the worlds Hindus live in India. Hindus acknowledge one central creator god, but they worship many gods, who may assume various physical forms, called avatars, on Earth. Learn more about the rich history and traditions of Hinduism and how the religion fits into todays world in Hinduism, part of the World Religions series.

Author Biography

Nardo is a historian and award-winning writer who specializes in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. He taught high school for eight years, while writing part-time.

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Barack Obama