Lover’s Knot by Donald L. Hardy

Lover’s Knot

Donald L. Hardy
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  • ISBN
    9780762436859 / 0762436859
  • Title Lover’s Knot
  • Author Donald L. Hardy
  • Category Romance
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 364
  • Publisher
    Running Press Book Publishers
  • Imprint Running Press,U.S.
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 132mm x 25mm x 201mm


After inheriting Trevaglan Farm from a distant relative, Jonathan Williams returns to the estate to take possession, with his best friend Alayne by his side. He'd only been to Trevaglan once before, fourteen years earlier when he'd been sent there after a family scandal and his mother's death.

Publisher Description

Jonathan Williams has inherited Trevaglan Farm from a distant relative. With his best friend, Alayne, in tow, Jonathan returns to the estate to take possession, meet the current staff, and generally learn what its like to live as the landed gentry now. Hed only been there once before, fourteen years earlier. But that was a different time, hes a different person now, determined to put that experience out of his mind and his heart...The locals agree that Jonathan is indeed different from the lost young man he was that long ago summer, when he arrived at the farm for a stay after his mother died. Back then the hot summer days were filled with sunshine, the nearby ocean, and a new friend, Nat. Jonathan and the farmhand had quickly grown close, Jonathan needing comfort in the wake of his grief, and Nat basking in the peace and love he didnt have at home. But that was also a summer of rumors and strange happenings in the surrounding countryside, romantic triangles and wronged lovers. Tempers would flare like a summer lightning storm, and ebb just as quickly. By the summers end, one young man was dead, and another haunted for life. Now Jonathan is determined to start anew.
Until he starts seeing the ghost of his former friend everywhere he looks. Until mementos of that summer idyll reappear. Until Alaynes life is in danger. Until the towns resident witch tells Jonathan that ghosts are real. And this one is tied to Jonathan unto death...

Author Biography

Donald L. Hardy—Cube wrangler by day, rogue author and actor by night—lives in the San Francisco Bay Area aboard a sailboat, with too many books and a conversational Schnauzer named Schultzie. When not on stage or writing, he can be found at many of the Renaissance Faires in the area. Lovers' Knot is his first published novel. You can visit him at

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Lover’s Knot