Professional Construction Management by Donald S. Barrie

Professional Construction Management

Donald S. Barrie and Barrie Donald
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The subjects covered in this book include those normally studied in an introductory overview course on construction management, and there is enough depth and added material to serve as the basis for a more advanced course, focusing on organizational and contractual approaches to project management, and the related planning and control systems. This new edition strengthens its coverage of the business aspects of the industry, with a section devoted solely to the business methods in professional construction management. The text's practical in-depth approach to the major engineering and management techniques appeals to both students and practitioners alike.

Publisher Description

This book builds upon the success of its first two editions which were published under the title “Professional Construction Management”. This text has an excellent reputation for success in introductory courses on construction management, as well as in more advanced, detailed courses on the subject. This success stems for the authors' ability to balance theoretical material with excellent practical advice. There is a case study based on a real project that is introduced in Chapter 4. Examples from this case run throughout the text. The methods, control tools, and business topics that are presented, exemplify the best in current state practice and impress upon students important information about the industry. Chapters 5 through 7 chronologically introduce the reader to the application of techniques in the planning, bidding and construction phases of a project. The text outlines specific approaches to selecting the best contractual and organizational approach to meet the needs of a specific project. Chapter 12 not only presents the computational techniques of planning and scheduling but also gives extensive guidance on the practical application of these techniques.
Broadening its orgininal focus on the three-party-team approach called professional construction management, the text has been balanced by including the traditional general contracting, the design-contract, and the management approaches. Two new chapters, one on Risk Management, Insurance, Bonding, Liens and Licensing, and the other on Claims, Disputes and Legal Principles, bring this text up to date with industry concerns. There is an extremely strong presentation of safety that has been updated with the results of the best recent research. Additional material has been incorporated in the estimating chapter including information from heavy, industrial and building work. As well, examples of practical estimates are included.

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Professional Construction Management