Modern Classics : Book 2 by Donna Hay

Modern Classics : Book 2

Donna Hay
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  • ISBN
    9780732275358 / 0732275350
  • Title Modern Classics : Book 2
  • Author Donna Hay
  • Category Desserts
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
    HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Imprint HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Edition
  • Dimensions 296mm x 209mm x 18mm


Where do you look when you get the urge to bake a batch of cookies, whip up a custard tart or poach a peach? This book is a resource for cooking the sweet things that everyone wants to know how to make.

Publisher Description

Donna Hay's fresh new book in her series which updates the timeless classics and establishes some modern ones. Modern Classics Book 1 showed readers how to master a roast make the ultimate meat pie and whisk up the perfect salad dressing. Modern Classics Book 2 features the pies tarts cakes puddings and slices of our childhood as well as the tiramisu and creme brulee of today. It brings our old favourites very much into the 21st century inspiring the cooks of today and making Donna Hay a name known around the globe. In each chapter Donna Hay gives you step-by-step basics as well as some simple but wonderful recipes to use every day all accompanied by sumptuous photographs. No kitchen will be complete without Donna Hay's fantastic modern take on the food everyone would love to cook if only they knew how.

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Modern Classics : Book 2