Barth by Eberhard Busch


Eberhard Busch
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  • ISBN
    9780687492466 / 0687492467
  • Title Barth
  • Author Eberhard Busch
  • Category Christian Theology
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 95
  • Publisher
    Abingdon Press
  • Imprint Abingdon Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 160mm x 8mm x 228mm


The church, like her God, is always on the move.

Publisher Description

According to Eberhard Busch, Karl Barth's theology is “characterized by constant movement and transformation.” And a Christian's path is marked by self-correction in order to learn how to live out the same thing again and again in a better and more appropriate way. Likewise the church, like her God, is always on the move.

Author Biography

Eberhard Busch is professor emeritus of Reformed theology at the University of G ttingen, Germany. A onetime student of and personal assistant to Karl Barth, he is also the son of one of the Barmen Declaration?'s original signers. His other books include Drawn to Freedom: Christian Faith Today in Conversation with the Heidelberg Catechism and The Great Passion: An Introduction to Karl Barth?'s Theology.

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