Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Land of Terror

Edgar Rice Burroughs
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  • ISBN
    9780803262652 / 0803262655
  • Title Land of Terror
  • Author Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2007
  • Pages 319
  • Publisher
    Bison Books
  • Imprint University of Nebraska Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 145mm x 17mm x 203mm


If you have ever wondered what a civilized man of the twentieth century would do if catapulted into an Old Stone Age where huge cave bears, saber-toothed tigers, monstrous carnivorous dinosaurs, mammoths, and mastodons roamed the savage terrain, you need look no further than “Land of Terror,” the sixth installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Pellucidar series. Years ago David Innes and Abner Perry bored straight down through five hundred miles of the earth's crust and landed in Pellucidar, the savage, primeval world that lies at the center of the earth. This is the story of their continuing adventures in the timeless land of perpetual noon and their encounters with the hideous creatures and savage men who pursue them. Although they encounter enemies at every turn, David and Abner find a few loyal friends as they embark on exhilarating adventures.

Author Biography

John Taliaferro is the author of “Tarzan Forever: The Life of Edgar Rice Burroughs,” “Creator of Tarzan” and “Great White Fathers: The Story of the Obsessive Quest to Create Mount Rushmore,” He lives in Texas and Montana.

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Land of Terror