Welcome Home, Mouse by Elisa Kleven

Welcome Home, Mouse

Elisa Kleven
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  • ISBN
    9781582462776 / 1582462771
  • Title Welcome Home, Mouse
  • Author Elisa Kleven
  • Category Picture Books
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 1
  • Publisher
    Tricycle Press
  • Imprint Tricycle Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 239mm x 11mm x 260mm


Stanley the elephant, who's very clumsy, accidentally smashes Mouse's house, then promises to try to make a new one.

Publisher Description

Stanley loves to help, but sometimes he gets so excited he makes mistakes. While running errands for his mom—CRASH—Stanley bounces his ball right on top of Mouse's house, smashing it to smithereens. Stanley wants to make up for what he's done, but how? In Elisa Kleven's expressive, detailed pictures, Stanley finds his inspiration all around him, from here and there, and this and that. Soon he is ready to surprise his friend with a new house, and what a wonderful place it is

Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2010: “Every word and brush stroke is spot-on in this luminous celebration of creativity, conservation and compassion. ... Kleven's inspiring words and her paint, ink and cut-paper art burst with the same kind of joyous creativity displayed by Stanley.”Review, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, October 12, 2010: “As is always the case with Elisa's titles, this exudes joy.”Review, Time Out New York, September 28, 2010: “The new picture book from prolific writer and illustrator Elisa Kleven seems inspired in part by her approach to her artwork. ...Just as Mouse will while away many a pleasant hour in her new home, kids will want to spend time poring over Kleven's intricate images.”Review, School Library Journal, September, 2010: "[A] charming story.“Review, Booklist, January 1, 2011: ”This has all the hallmarks of a good picture book for preschoolers: a straightforward story line, an acknowledgment of feelings, and delightful artwork, here done in Kleven's signature style. Mixed-media collage combines with watercolors, ink, pastels, and colored pencils to make cozy pictures with plenty of patterns and lots of texture that enhance an already solid story."

Author Biography

Known for the rich collage artwork featured in such picture books as “Abuela,” “The Paper Princess” and “City by the Bay,” Elisa Kleven is a native of Los Angeles.

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Welcome Home, Mouse