The Sagebrusher: A Story of the West (1919) by Emerson Hough

The Sagebrusher: A Story of the West (1919)

Emerson Hough
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Sim, said Wid Gardner, as he cast a frowning glance around him, “take it one way with another, and I expect this is a leetle the dirtiest place in the Two-Forks Valley.” The man accosted did no more than turn a mild blue eye toward the speaker and resume his whittling. He smiled faintly, with a sort of apology, as the other went on. "I'll say more'n that, Sim. It's the blamedest, dirtiest hole in the whole state of Montany-yes, or in the whole wide world. Lookit " He swept a hand around, indicating the interior of the single-room log cabin in which they sat.

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The Sagebrusher: A Story of the West (1919)