The Invention of Paris: A History in Footsteps by Eric Hazan

The Invention of Paris: A History in Footsteps

Eric Hazan
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  • ISBN
    9781844674114 / 1844674118
  • Title The Invention of Paris: A History in Footsteps
  • Author Eric Hazan
  • Category Travel & Holiday Guides
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 384
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Verso Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 168mm x 36mm x 241mm


A radical guide to Paris through art, literature and revolution.

Publisher Description

The Invention of Paris is a tour through the streets and history of the French capital under the guidance of radical Parisian author and publisher Eric Hazan. Hazan reveals a city whose squares echo with the riots, rebellions and revolutions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Combining the raconteur s ear for a story with a historian s command of the facts, he introduces an incomparable cast of characters: the literati, the philosophers and the artists Balzac, Baudelaire, Blanqui, Flaubert, Hugo, Maney, and Proust, of course; but also Doisneau, Nerval and Rousseau. It is a Paris dyed a deep red in its convictions. It is haunted and vitalized by the history of the barricades, which Hazan retells in rich detail. The Invention of Paris opens a window on the forgotten byways of the capital s vibrant and bloody past, revealing the city in striking new colors.

“It is a thorough, intricate and estimable book.”Philip Hensher, Daily Telegraph “This is a wondrous book, either to be read at home with a decent map, or carried about sur place through areas no tourists bother with.” Adam Thorpe, Guardian "Hazan wants to rescue individual moments from general forgetting and key sites from the bland homogenisation of international city development; he is also a passionate left-wing historian seeking to rescue the truth of Paris's revolutionary past from the historiographical equivalent of Haussmannisation the blasting through and laying waste to the lives and memories of the unimportant, the marginalised, the losers of the last two centuries.“ Julian Barnes, London Review of Books ”Not just a history book, but a guide to what makes Paris the melting pot it is today - A wholly worthwhile read." French Magazine

Author Biography

ERIC HAZAN is the founder of the publisher La Fabrique and the author of several books, including Notes on the Occupation.

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The Invention of Paris: A History in Footsteps