Music with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen

Music with the Brain in Mind

Eric Jensen
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  • ISBN
    9781890460068 / 1890460060
  • Title Music with the Brain in Mind
  • Author Eric Jensen
  • Category Memory Improvement & Thinking Techniques
  • Format
  • Year 2000
  • Pages 122
  • Publisher
    Brain Store
  • Imprint Brain Store Inc
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 215mm x 9mm x 227mm


Formerly a publication of The Brain StoreAlthough compelling evidence supports the value of the musical arts in school, many educators still fight for its inclusion. This timely resource translates the latest brain and music research and provides practical strategies for incorporating the musical arts at all levels. Readers will: Discover how music supports learning Get specific links to solid research and more than 200 practical suggestions Learn how to boost achievement, motivation, and recall

With sections on both theory and classroom applications, you???ll find it easy to put science into practice immediately and convince others of its benefits. From a primer on how the body hears music to music??'s impact on stress level, perceptual-motor skills, memory, and emotional intelligence, you???re in for a feast of facts and findings. Included are tips for choosing music and the various benefits of different music types.

Author Biography

Eric Jensen is a former teacher and current member of the Society for Neuroscience and New York Academy of Sciences. He has taught at all levels, from elementary through university level and is currently completing his PhD in human development. In 1981, Jensen cofounded SuperCamp, the nation's first and largest brain-compatible learning program, now with over 50,000 graduates. He has since written Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Brain-Based Learning, Deeper Learning, Arts with the Brain in Mind, Enriching the Brain, and 21 other books on learning and the brain. A leader in the brain-based movement, Jensen has made over 45 visits to neuroscience labs and interacts with countless neuroscientists. He was the founder of the Learning Brain EXPO and has trained educators and trainers for 25 years worldwide in this field. He is deeply committed to making a positive, significant, lasting difference in the way we learn.

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Music with the Brain in Mind